Costco Is Now Offering Refunds For Its Vodka's Poor Quality

Do you recall throwing away a drink because the Kirkland Signature vodka tasted off? Yes, you're not alone. Costco said on August 15 that impacted products may be returned for reimbursements.

The notification was given to consumers who bought a bottle from one of the lot numbers between June 12 and August 10, 2023.

The recall offer isn't related to food safety, but the product doesn't meet the company's "quality expectations."

A alleged Costco employee wrote on Reddit in late July that all stores will be pulled of products owing to overwhelming complaints while Costco investigated.

The high-alcohol distillation technique makes unflavored commercial vodka unlikely to have odd tastes, unlike inferior beer or wine.

The legal vodka requirement until 2020 was "without distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color." The adjustments expanded vodka's character, but this isn't it. 

The offending vodka received many bad internet reviews while offered at Costco. One Redditor stated it tasted like "more of a bathroom urinal puck vibe."

Someone said it tasted like "wet paper bag." One user called it "so bad it is almost not drinkable," while another said it "tasted like poison."

A less negative commenter described Kirkland Signature vodka as corn-like, but the most prevalent repetition was multivitamin notes. A different Reddit user found it similar of "cheap island rum."

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