8 Incredible Stacked Bob Haircuts You Have to See

1. Stacked Bob with Blue Bangs

Stacking your bobs is the best way to make your hair look fuller, and they are great for people with thin hair.

2. Multicolored Wavy Bob

Combining bright colors, like electric red, pink, orange, and yellow, will definitely make people look at your new haircut and like it.

3. Natural Gray Bob

Your hair will look fantastic and will gain a lot of dimensions, especially when you layer the tresses and give them a bob.

4. Waves and Braids

Channel your romantic side with a stunning stacked cut. Give your bob more texture by using a heated device like a triple iron.

5. Copper Stacked Bob

We're sure that as a woman over 50, you want a haircut that makes you look modern and younger. 

6. Classical Bob

Who said you couldn’t sport colorful hairstyles or electric colors as you get older? Prove them wrong with this amazing hairdo!

7. Red-Stacked Bob

Messily stacked bobs are fresh, unique, and easy to style and wear. You can adapt them for any occasion, and they don’t require too much care.!

8. Burgundy Nape

We suggest mixing a white icy dye for the top and painting the short pieces burgundy or brown, like in the picture above, after the layers are stacked. 

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