10 Short Weave Hairstyles We’re Loving Now

1. Bob

Go for a full bob with lots of volume and perhaps some highlights. This length is wonderfully stylish while still being little edgy. Add highlights to your outfit to make it stand out even more.

2. The Stacked Bob

This year, classic bobs are making a comeback, and this version, with a side-swept fringe and some stacked layers in the back, is as popular as ever.

3. The Bowl Cut

It's one of the year's most popular haircuts, and while it's not as natural as the other short weave hairstyles on our list, it's an avant-garde appearance that's undoubtedly faszhun.

4. Super Short Razored Pixie

To merge the layers of your weave more smoothly, shave them at an angle. 

5. The Long Pixie

This haircut is a super-short boy's cut with the top and fringe region kept long and soft since it's usually swept and worn to one side, at an angle.

6. The Fringe Lob Combo

A lob looks more natural than long, waist-length hair. Straighten your weave to achieve this airy appearance.

7. Tousled Lob

Lobs are not only a more realistic length than waist-length hair, but they are also quite on-trend short weave hairstyles right now.

8. Curled Pixie

Did you know that a short sew-in weave may be used on long hair? Try a pixie cut and soften tight curls to complement your natural cowlick.

9. Wavy Pixie

Wavy short weave hairstyles are also popular sew-in options since they provide fullness to the crown while also fitting in with curly hair. 

10. Colored Bob

Why not add some color to your short weave hairdo if you're feeling a bob? This blue bob weave is so dimensional, how could you not want to attempt it?

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